Scope Mouthwash- $0.75

Toothpaste (Crest w/scope, Crest + Cavity Protection, Crest Pro-Health, Colgate Total)- $1.50

Q-Tips- $1.25

Chapstick (Variety of flavors)- $1.25

Skintimate Shave Gel + Razor Pack- $2.50

Lint Roller- $1.25

Highlighter- $0.75

Tampax Compact Tampons- $1.00 for 2 OR $0.75 each

Disposable Razors- $1.50

Bath Pouf- $0.75

TRESemmé Hair Gel- $1.50

TRESemmé Hair Spray- $2.25

Dial Spring Water Shower Gel- $1.25

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Face Wash- $1.50

Dove Deodorant- $1.50

Old Spice “Swagger” Deodorant- $1.50

Lotion (Curel, Aveeno, Jergens, Baby Lotion)- $1.25

First-Aid Kit- $1.50

Clorox Wipes To-Go Pack- $1.50

Sewing Kit- $3.00

Nighttime Sleep Aid (8 ct.)- $3.00

CVS Allergy Tablets (10 ct.)- $3.00

Aleve (10 ct.)- $2.25

Advil (4 ct.)- $1.50

Nail Polish Remover- $1.75


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