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Hot Food Favorites


Mozzarella Sticks- 3/$2; 6/$3.50

French Fries- ½ order $2; full order $3.75

Cheese Fries- ½ order $2.50; full order $4

Curly Fries- ½ order $2.50; full order $4

Curly Cheese Fries- ½ order $3; full order $5

Sweet Potato Fries- ½ order $3; full order $5

Chips and Guacamole- $4

Chips and Salsa- $2.50                                                                                

Nachos- $3.75 [add jalapenos, lettuce, tomato at no additional charge]

Chicken Strips (3)- $3 [New Price! Price was $4.50]

Cheese Quesadilla- $2.50

Chicken Quesadilla- $4

Pizza Bagel Bites- 3/$2; 6/$3

Chicken Wings [Honey BBQ Glazed]- 6/$3.50

Chicken Wings [Buffalo Sauce]- 6/$3.50

Corn Dog- $1.75




For Sandwiches:

[add cheese $0.25; bacon $0.75]

[add lettuce, tomato, onion FREE]

[please specify type of bun: white or wheat]


Chicken Snack Wraps- $3.50 [chicken wrapped in tortilla with lettuce and cheese/choice of Ranch, BBQ or Honey Mustard sauce; fried or grilled chicken]

Hamburger- $3.50

Cheeseburger- $3.75

Double Burger- $4.50

Garden Burger (V)- $3.50

Grilled Chicken Sandwich- $3

Fried Chicken Sandwich- $3.50

Grilled Cheese- $2.50

BLT- $3



Ice Cream Drumstick- $1 [New Price! Price was $1.50]

Ice Cream Chipwich- $1 [New Price! Price was $1.50]

Milkshakes- Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry $4 [add oreo, nutella, peanut butter for $0.25/flavor]






Red Bull- regular $2.75; sugar-free $2.75

Monster- regular [green can] $2.50; lo-carb [blue can] $2.50

Monster Rehab [Tea + Lemonade]- $2.50

Rockstar- regular $2.50; sugar-free $2.50

Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino- Vanilla, Vanilla Light, Mocha, Coffee $2.50






Marinara Sauce [dipping cup]



Frank’s Hot Sauce
Honey-Mustard Sauce [dipping cup]


Old Bay Seasoning/Seasoned Salt [great for fries!]

BBQ Sauce [dipping cup]

Ranch Sauce [dipping cup]


Add a side of Guacamole to any order for $1

Add a side of Pico De Gallo to any order for $1


[Any request for an additional cup of dipping sauce is $0.25 extra per cup]

*Before placing your order, please let your server know if you or anyone in your party has a food allergy.*


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