Hey Quadlings!

This year the Quad Grill is under new management and we are reinventing the late-night snack stand.

This year we’re featuring a new food menu, a new attitude [don’t worry, not this kind of attitude:], and a new non-food menu that includes toiletries, over-the-counter meds, office supplies and the like. We’re doing this for YOU, good people of the Quad, ’cause Rite-Aid closes WAY too early and when it’s -923483201 degrees outside you’re not tryin’ to walk to CVS…and neither are we…

A complete list of all noms and non-food goodies are going to be posted soon. If you think there’s something missing from that list, let us know! We want to make sure we’re offering products that you need and want.

Check back on the blog for other updates and changes we’ve made to the Quad Grill.

Happy Shopping Everyone!

-QG MGMT [Quad Grill Management]


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